One of Art and Criticism

6 Mar

I’ve been busy trying to get off of artist block for about 6 months and when I got rid of it several ideas sprout from the inner seeds of my mind. I always had a background plan for the deceased King of Green and Queen of Red before Xena and Yuudoku came in. I am working on a picture with a poem on it which so far I spent 5 days on. I’m doing it in pen completely so one mistake and all will be ruined, but I don’t mind that.

I am also working on another picture that I spent a day drawing about a month ago of a candied Toni or me! I have drawn on several shirts which can take me days, but it is worth it to get asked if I did it by myself and to be told that I am creative. I am thinking about putting myself on a giant spaceship because I am weird like that, but I think to myself ‘if I’m not weird, then who will be?’.

I don’t mind criticism, and I also don’t mind creative comments, but not to long ago somebody looked at one of my pictures and simply said to my face: That looks like shit. He told me that it was the colors and I had already done every little detail in pen which took me 3 hours. It is also hard when people don’t like how and what you draw when they are kin to you. I don’t really care if my goals, standards, and dreams aren’t up to your expectations because I am not trying to make anybody happy, but myself, and if others are happy then good. I won’t ever be perfect, but I wasn’t intended to be for there is no such thing. I’m just happy being me and I don’t expect people to understand that.

To get to the point I have been working hard on my creativity and when you try to change a person think how you would feel if everyone was criticizing you. Learn their point of view and respect them for if you respect them they will learn to respect you.



1 Jun

Ok, short and sweet, I am Xenaandmaster from

Late Merry Christmas

28 Dec

Vladimer Von Larse as Christmas Bat

Xena Yakashimo Princess Yuki as Agent Xena

Toni as Red Oni

Christmas Bat: Oh dear, I seem to have ran a little late <.[

Agent Xena: A little? You are 2 days late! I didn’t have no pies for Christmas! Master left to the day realm and Mom has been hidden in the basement for a long time because the sun is out! We night creatures are called that for a reason! =^o-o^=/

Red Oni: Ah leave the poor guy out of it, geeze he tries his best.

Agent Xena: Suck up! Stop trying to be so innocent you creeper. There is a reason why your nickname is Red oni! >8<8D8\

Christmas Bat: Please stop fighting! I just have to say one thing

Agent Xena: Not to mention absolutly nobody knows why Master left!

Red Oni: I think he left to make a deal with the big guy up North, you know Vladie? The one you interupt?

Agent Xena: Shark teeth, eye eye eyes, and sloth eyebags!

Red Oni: What did you say! I can’t help it! It is natural for most of us in the day realm to have razor sharp teeth, 2 colored eyes, and non sleepers bags!

Christmas Bat: Merry Christmas! Goodbye.

Agent Xena: What about our problems?


6 Dec

Goodbye to what I once knew

The friends I have had

The things I learned

The new people

The new room

Blue light lounge I bid ye a farewell but not a goodbye

We will see eachother again in due time

So farewell my fellow classmates

Farewell colorful room

Farewell to you

Farewell to me

This will not be the end

It is simply just begun

Pages are tattered with memories

Not bad

Only good

I loved how we wrote

I loved how we expressed

I loved how we read

I love how we caused chaos by making ideas

This isn’t goodbye

It is simply a farewell

Xenaandmaster is just one post away

Forget me not

Forget you not

We stood as a group

We stood as individuals

We knew we were different

We blossomed into the true us

Blood may make us different

Blood makes us the same

Blood connects us together

Remember the times

Good and Bad

And relive the days

You were just you

No more

No less


No Farewell

By: Xenaandmaster


1 Nov

I am quite inspired by several things. Number 1 being cats. Number 2 places. Number 3 music.

1. I love cats. They are all strange to me. I love the wiskers and tails. My best interst is black cats llike my baby Ashia.

2. I love looking at places in pictures and reading about them

3. I love to listen to music when I am bored. I listen to different languages in music most of them being Japanese. I remember some lines in English.

Happy Halloween

1 Nov

I had a fantastic day. I didn’t scare anyone today (Because I already scare the daylights out of everyone including my friends everyday and most of the time not on purposes). I am known as the ghost to most people because I don’t speak unless I am spoken to or if I know about the conversation.

Today was different though, I dressed up as Master James Yuki, my character who is a male werecat and worries about his hair. I kept complaining about the frizz in my hair and waved to my friends and in the manlyest voice I could make I would go “What’s up girl friends?”

Two of my friends only knew who I was because they encouraged me to make him. They were all going “Master, where is Xena?”

I would growl and go, “She is sick so she sent me to do her work, but I got her dairy so its all good!” with an evil face and laughing.

Master James Yuki is the funny father figure I have ever made. I made jokes about him being able to text when I couldn’t because my whole family and friends could but I didn’t understand. I also made a joke about his downfro being a afro before it went to that and spending two hours on his hair. I also made him have a diary and I was trying to find red, but grabbed pink so I made the excuse, “it was the only one at the store”.

He doesn’t get teased as much as Shadymary- I mean Shadowmaru but still gets teased. Master shall always be forever misunderstood as long as I live because I am that hateful. And Shadymary- I mean no I do mean Shadymary will be forever be made fun of.

Anyway I had a wonderful day and I hoped you all did too. Here is a picture of my costume and character:


The Well

29 Oct

You are suppoused to go on an adventure by yourself.

I went outside a few days ago and saw the bunny on the moon. You can only see it during a full moon. I saw wonderful sparkling stars and the satalite blinking.

I remembered why I love the night time. Its not too bright.